Hi, i m new in communitee here

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Hi, i m new in communitee here

Post by m.pic.418@gmail.com » Sat Apr 25, 2015 7:24 am

Hello, i want to introduce me to you because i ll need some good hints to work with my coming soon BladeRF X40. I want to use this pc péripheral to learn how to send a poor signal transmission for ATSC TV in my appartement. I dont actually have the X40 on hand, it s still in post. But i m enthousiast at idea to realize that project. My pc run a live distro of ubuntu with gnu radio companion and i dont decide witch between a Windows 7 Developpement system or a ubuntu with gnu radio companion. Any suggestion is appreciated...

My pc configuration is a Toshiba laptop with 2x usb3 port and an Intel x86 CPU with 4 Go RAM.

I installed Oracle VM for running a Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS 32bits 512 RAM system.
I run GNU Radio free in logitheque to try Learning some flow graph examples.

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Re: Hi, i m new in communitee here

Post by jynik » Sat Apr 25, 2015 6:35 pm

Hello and welcome! :)

I just wanted to share a couple quick items with you, as you begin your adventures.

There's a walkthrough for an ATSC transmitter up on the wiki.

That page could honestly use an update, as there's now a modified FPGA design that reads in the MPEG TS and performs the ATSC modulation and pilot insertion (HoopyCat hosts a nightly build bot, which contains the atsc_tx<FPGA variant>.rbf files). I would start with the wiki article, and then ask around on the #bladeRF IRC channel about how to use that FPGA-accellerated version. (Or badger one of us to update the darn wiki!)

Is your Toshiba really only 32-bit? I would be surprised that it's not 64-bit, given that we generally only see USB 3.0 on newer systems, which almost always have 64-bit processors. If it's 64-bit, then use a 64-bit OS, not 32-bit!

I highly discourage the use of a VM - they're known to be flakey with USB 3.0. Secondly, 512MiB of RAM is rather low. Instead, I would encourage you to use the bootable GNU Radio Live image. By booting this live image, you can test out all the tools without having to configure and install every thing, with the benefit of utilizing all your machine's power, instead of splitting resources between your host and VM guest.

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Re: Hi, i m new in communitee here

Post by m.pic.418@gmail.com » Sun Apr 26, 2015 5:24 pm

hi there, thank s for reply

I still wait for my X40 but cant wait more for tuning my pc to get more machine ressource.
Then i loaded a live distro of Redmine Ubuntu GNU Companion on a bootable usb key with 1.4 Go of writing space on usb disk.
I tried to save file and reboot from usb key and didnt loose file.
Then i reinstall GRC with command at terminal: sudo apt-get install gnuradio
i think the process have updated the GRC on live distro because there was a 86Mo added to disk.
So now my configuration is:
-Ubuntu 14.01 64bit distro redmine gnuradio
-USB key HardDISK 4.0 Go 1.4 Go free space
-Dual Intel 2Ghz
-4 Go RAM
-2x usb3 ports

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