BladeRF 2.0 2x RX

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BladeRF 2.0 2x RX

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I was trying to setup receiving on two channels. I did find which helped me get the number of channels setup. For quick testing, I pointed the second output to a null sink so that the only change should have been enabling/adding a second channel. When I enable the second channel (same frequency and bandwidth), the rest of the flowgraph doesn't seem to produce any data. If I reduce the channel count back to a single channel, it produces the expected data. I'm not sure if there is an additional setting that I am missing. Adding a waterfall gui I am fairly certain I can see the signal of interest when it is transmitted.

BladeRF xA4 / BladeRF xA9
FPGA: v0.11.1
OS: Ubunutu 18.04
GnuRadio: (via pybombs)
gr-osmosdr: master/v0.2.2 (via pybombs)

Relevant files are shared (expires in 1 week). I am now wondering if this has to do with ... m_a_t.html
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