BladeRF 2 micro flash issues

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BladeRF 2 micro flash issues

Post by f4exb » Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:14 pm


this is what happens:

/opt/install/libbladeRF/bin/bladeRF-cli -L ~/Downloads/hostedxA4.rbf
Deferring device init until after FPGA load
Writing FPGA to flash for autoloading...
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:455] Erasing 55 blocks starting at block 4
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:460] Erased block 58
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:468] Done erasing 55 blocks
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:672] Writing 1 pages starting at page 1024
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:676] Writing page 1024
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:685] Done writing 1 pages
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:672] Writing 10284 pages starting at page 1025
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:676] Writing page 11308
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:685] Done writing 10284 pages
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/driver/spi_flash.c:112] Verifying 1 pages, starting at page 1024
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:565] Reading 1 pages starting at page 1024
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:568] Reading page 1024
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:579] Done reading 1 pages
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/driver/spi_flash.c:112] Verifying 10284 pages, starting at page 1025
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:565] Reading 10284 pages starting at page 1025
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:568] Reading page 11308
[INFO @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/backend/usb/usb.c:579] Done reading 10284 pages

So far so good, but:

/opt/install/libbladeRF/bin/bladeRF-cli -i
[WARNING @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/board/bladerf2/bladerf2.c:1492] FPGA bitstream file not found.
[WARNING @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/board/bladerf2/bladerf2.c:1493] Skipping further initialization...
bladeRF> q

Then the BladeRF does not work.

I can still "soft load" with -l option but I would like to flash into non volatile memory to avoid loading each time I plug in the BladeRF.

Is there anything I can do?

Brgds, Edouard.

PS: this is v0.7.3 firmware since I am using the libbladeRF 2018.08 release (not the master HEAD)

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Re: BladeRF 2 micro flash issues

Post by bglod » Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:47 am

"Soft loading" is much faster than SPI loading and with host-based autoloading enabled it's virtually seamless.

For SPI flash loading to work (at present), you have to unplug the board, plug it back in and wait several seconds for the lights to turn on before trying to open the device with bladeRF-cli. Otherwise, the FPGA load process will be interrupted. Rey has a PR that addresses this issue that should be pulled into master soon.
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Re: BladeRF 2 micro flash issues

Post by f4exb » Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:53 pm


the autoloading is indeed working and fast so it is OK for me to do it this way.

Thanks and brgds, Edouard.

frmaon mnh
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Re: BladeRF 2 micro flash issues

Post by frmaon mnh » Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:06 am

root@kali:~# pybombs -p bladeRF run bladeRF-cli -- -i
[INFO] Prefix Python version is: 2.7.15
[INFO] PyBOMBS Version 2.3.4a0
[WARNING @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/board/bladerf2/bladerf2.c:456] FPGA bitstream file not found.
[WARNING @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/board/bladerf2/bladerf2.c:457] Skipping further initialization...
I want to solve this problem
I use Kali Linux 2019.1
the device bladerf 2.0 more xa4

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