BladeRF 2.0 micro xA4 DC OFFSET issue

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BladeRF 2.0 micro xA4 DC OFFSET issue

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Hello ,

Using Gnuradio I made a simple AM transmitter with OSmocom sink module. (carrier frequency = 110.1M, baseband freq=90Hz)
The problem is that I can clearly see a big spike at 110.1M and a small -F frequency as it is typical for a DC offset issue.

I also tried with osmocom_siggen and I got the same problem. Also when I try with osmocom_siggen to modify the DC offset parameters I got the following message in the terminal "set_dc_offset: could not set dc offset : Operation not supported"

Is there any way to correct this DC offset ? The BladeRF 2.0 micro specs indicate that DC offset correction is automatic but I can clearly see that it's not here.
Please help !

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