Multi Channel Rx

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Multi Channel Rx

Post by rsp17 »

Hi -

I’m new to BlafeRF. I have a bladeRF 2.0 xA9 that I have successfully setup to use through Matlab on Ubuntu.

Is it possible to receive on both RF channels simultaneously through matlab and if so, could someone share an example?

Many thanks
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Re: Multi Channel Rx

Post by Jose.Amador95 »

I'm also interested in this. Can anyone help?
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Re: Multi Channel Rx

Post by robert.ghilduta »

There are two ways of doing this, one is to use bladeRF-cli to capture CSV samples and load them in MATLAB. The other method to try is to use the bladeRF MATLAB bindings and call the libbladeRF API directly using calllib from MATLAB. For the libbladeRF sync API documentation, please take a look at ... y_n_c.html .
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