Time out waiting for tx buffer

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Time out waiting for tx buffer

Post by carson.teale »

Hi, I keep getting the following error :
[ERROR @ host/libraries/libbladeRF/src/streaming/sync.c:306] wait_for_buffer: Timed out waiting for buf_ready after 1000 ms
when I try to transmit using a binary file consisting of 300,000 samples and these settings:
# Buffers: 32
# Samples per buffer: 32768
# Transfers: 16
Timeout (ms): 1000
I'm using a for loop in Matlab to sweep the tx frequency and at each frequency I execute a cli script that configures the tx and rx files.
It doesn't throw the error every iteration in the loop, but more than half the time. If I reduce the number of samples in the file to 30,000 it seems to throw the error less often.
I've tried increasing the timeout to 10 s, but that doesn't seem to help.
I've also tried doubling the number of buffers, but that doesn't help.
I also made a ramdisk drive and put my tx and rx files there.
I don't really understand the source of the problem. Is it somehow that my host usb controller is just incredibly slow?

Here's the script that I call each iteration in my for loop:
tx config delay=0
tx config file=Z:\TEMP\tx_samples.sc16q11 format=bin timeout=1000 buffers=64
rx config file=Z:\TEMP\samples.sc16q11 n=131072 timeout=10000
tx start
rx start
tx wait
rx wait

Thanks for any help,
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