Regarding QAM Modulation in GNU radio

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Regarding QAM Modulation in GNU radio

Post by mitesh »

hello everyone,

i want to transmit random source signal to QAM modulation but there is no block in GNU radio, so can anyone help how can i use QAM modulation scheme in GNU radio?

i am using GNU radio version 3.10.

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Re: Regarding QAM Modulation in GNU radio

Post by marryjoy6374 »

To implement QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) in GNU Radio, you can use a combination of existing blocks to create your QAM modulation scheme. Here's a step-by-step guide: heardle
1. Signal Source:
- Use the `Random` block to generate random data.
- Connect the `Random` block to a `Vector Source` block to convert the random data into a vector.
2. QAM Modulation:
- Use the `Constellation Modulator` block.
- In the Constellation Modulator block, set the modulation scheme to QAM and configure the constellation points.
3. Up-sampling:
- To ensure that the data rate matches your desired sample rate, use the `Repeat` block or `Interpolation` block to up-sample the signal.
4. Filtering:
- Apply a low-pass filter using the `Low Pass Filter` block to limit the bandwidth of the signal.
5. Signal Sink:
- Use a `File Sink` block to save the modulated signal to a file or a `QT GUI Sink` block to visualize the signal.
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