Timeframe on Windows drivers?

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Re: Timeframe on Windows drivers?

Post by jynik » Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:12 pm

on4bhm wrote:i followed the instructions like in the wiki....

i'm using visual studio

what is mingw? there is no mentioning in the wiki
mingw provides a minimalistic GNU development environment for Windows.

As far as Windows support goes, we're looking to first get support for Visual Studio (Express) working. Support for minGW and cygwin may follow at some later time, if community members want it. ( As always, we'll gladly accept patches if community members want to pave the way on these items.)

Work on windows support is taking place in the dev-windows_support branch currently. Keep an eye on this for daily progress, but note that as it's a "dev" branch, it should be considered unstable -- the HEAD commit may break things from time to time.

A number of the issues mentioned in this thread have been addressed in that branch, and others will be soon. We're looking to have things fixed by Sunday/Monday evening, so check back soon! :)

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Re: Timeframe on Windows drivers?

Post by on4bhm » Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:30 pm

what bothers me the most is, that think i bought bladeRF way to early.

In the box that shipped there was totally no information what so ever!
i don't even know for now if the fpga is programmed or not.

i find very little information in this forum...
and the steps i need to do that are discribed don't work.

The board is laying there.... hoping that someone can explain what i can do with it in windows or (better) in Linux with gnuradio.

kind regards

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Re: Timeframe on Windows drivers?

Post by rxtx » Tue Sep 03, 2013 12:53 pm

Hi All,

With regards to this tread being the most active here, Windows Drivers/API and FPGA flashing Instructions seems to be crucial for BladeRF Owners that also would like to become USERS ;-) Especially Radio Armatures/HAM people are potential buyers of this equipment but generally not hackers in advanced Linux CLI or programmers...

As another early bird noted here the BladeRF is an fantastic piece of hardware but still useless for everyone (included me) that is not a Linux or software expert.

BladeRF would attract many Radio Enthusiasts if it was interfaced to "existing" Windows SDR clients.

Please help! I am eager to get my BladeRF running for late night Windows PC-Transceiver-DXing, I'm desperate! :-)

...also waiting for my VHF extension board... :P

Thanks guys!

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Re: Timeframe on Windows drivers?

Post by syntroniks » Wed Sep 04, 2013 9:43 am

Well I can say with utmost confidence that the amount of documentation and tutorial on getting a working Linux system is plenty for myself [a non-linux expert]

Still, my home is Windows and for development purposes, I would like to have a smooth environment (read: crash-free) to work with. My final implementation will be embedded most likely but for the time being I have to mention I'd rather work in windows.

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