Half Duplex Operation

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Half Duplex Operation

Post by Hamza » Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:19 pm

Hi ..

my application invloves bladerf operation in half duplex mode. it simply receives information , processes it and then transmits. The processes keeps on repeating.

i need to resolve the Self Interference issue .

my question is that , Is it possible to turn off the Rx path while the Tx path is in operation ?
At the present moment i am using Osmocom Source/Sink blocks for controlling bladerf. i have tried to tweak various options available in the said block but haven t find a solution yet.

Going through the LMS6002D transceiver IC manual , if i understand correctly the IC does give us that option (By closing the RXOUT switch and powering down RXVGA2 .... ) but for that i might need to go to FPGA programming stuff.

what other possible options do i have at my disposal ? any suggestion would be really helpful ..

Thanks in advance

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