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Post by lni_teamB_proj » Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:09 am

I just successfully transmitted voice in full duplex mode. This is my system on GNU radio :
I have two BladeRF kits. I will call them A and B. And here is my procession :
1. I turn on kit A on GNU radio, trans data to kit B.
2. using command on bladeRF-cli : cal lms and cal dc rxtx to calibrate for kit B.
3. turning on kit B on GNU radio to trans voice
4. turning off kit A on GNU radio, then calibrate by CLI. Its similar to B.
5. turning off B.
6. turning on kit A and B on GNU radio (maybe 1 or 2s delay).
Oddly, if delay is too long, only A (the last kit calibrate) can hear the voice from B. And B is deaf. And I have no idea to walk around it. There is any solution or document for this problem.

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Re: 2_kit_bladrRF_with_gnuradio

Post by jynik » Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:18 am

Hi there,

You should now be allowed to upload .grc files as attachments. Could you upload yours so that we can investigate your flowgraph in more detail?

What do you have set in the Device Arguments in the osmocom source & sinks to associate them to A and B? I would suggest using the serial number. So if A has a serial number 12345... and B has a serial number abcdef0123... you could use bladerf=123 and bladerf=abc accordingly. See this example on how to make this into a command line argument.

Best regards,

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