USB blaster not recognized in debug configuration

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USB blaster not recognized in debug configuration

Post by xor » Sun Jul 10, 2016 11:02 am


I have an issue with Terasic USB Blaster and Eclipse since I cannot create a debug target.
Being more specific, this is my setup:
Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit, Quartus II 15.0.

running jtagd and jtagconfig all seems working fine, the USB blaster is successfully recognised so I started following the guide section "Build and Debug".
I completed all the steps successfully until I got stuck at this point: when i click "Browse" under "Connections-->Processor" I get:: <<Unable to connect to JTAG Server. Please kill and restart System Console from Eclipse menu: Nios II->System Console.>>
Then I followed the instruction and started the System Console. USB Blaster is correctly detected and recognized from the console under "devices" in system explorer.
Now coming back to debug configurations and clicking again "browse" I got the following error popping up on the NIOS II console: <<design_load: /home/born/bladeRF-master/hdl/fpga/ip/altera/nios_system/software/bladeRF_nios does not contain any Quartus project files>>.
The result is that the USB blaster isn't recognized under the debug configuration.

Please help me understand how to solve this issue.


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Re: USB blaster not recognized in debug configuration

Post by bpadalino » Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:53 am

So jtagconfig seems to see the USB Blaster device. That's good. Have you ever been able to use the Quartus tools to program the FPGA or look at SignalTap inside of the FPGA?

The Quartus project doesn't live in that directory. Have you been able to successfully build and create an rbf yet? If not, I suggest doing that. Then looking at the work directory for the Quartus project associated with that FPGA build.

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