raw I/Q => CSI-2

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raw I/Q => CSI-2

Post by Dmitry_K » Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:54 pm

Hello, All

I'm using BladeRFx40 with FPGA Cyclone IV EP4CE40F23C8LN. My task is to output the received by the bladeRF SDR data to external port in CSI-2 format.

At the first stage, I upgraded the FPGA project and output raw I/Q examples to the external U74 connector (header). At the second stage, I want to convert I/Q data (parallel format) to CSI-2 format using FPGA resources. After that I want output the converted data to an external port.

Can anyone recommend IP Core for such conversion with the cheapest (maybe free) license? Maybe one of the FPGA-wizards solved analogical problem and shared the code with me? Maybe anyone explain me the algorithm for solving the problem on simple manner?

Thanks, Dmitry_K

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