How to increase sensitivity

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How to increase sensitivity

Post by jarek556 »

I want to monitor mobile network signals with BladeRF. Generally it works, but sensitivity is very poor. I've added MAX2615 LNA - it works better, but still far from the sensitivity of regular mobile phone.
What can I do to improve sensitivity ?
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Re: How to increase sensitivity

Post by G1RNB »

Hi Jarek,

Firstly, I would go for a narrow band LNA, with 30dB of gain with a NF of no more than 3dB.

The MAX2615 LNA @ 40MHz to 4GHzand is too wide, and therefore will increase your overall apparent noise floor.

Secondly, use a dedicated directional antenna, with high gain, that is suited to your required band.

You will then close to what is achievable.

I use a 500mm dish with an LNA, a 2 element Moxon for 945MHz for BAND IIIV-3G, Australia.

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