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1 PPS Timing Synchronization of BladeRF xA9

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2020 12:41 am
by patiklipenguen

I am curious about the 1 PPS timing synchronization of the BladeRF xA9. But I am not able to sync it to the external GPSDO 1PPS signal. I've been searching and reading posts about 1 PPS timing sync but there is no clear explanation or scheme about it. Most of the posts are related to the synchronization of multiple bladeRF's but I need also timing synchronization. I tried J51-1 mini exp pins as an input 1 PPS signal to the BladeRF xA9 but when it comes to the enabling 1 PPS input signal into BladeRF xA9 there is no proper command in bladerf-cli command list.

Is there any way to synchronize bladeRF's with 1PPS signal?

Thank you.