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adding some DSP function in Tx/Rx path (Modem and Filtering)

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 7:05 am
by andys86498
hello everyone,

i am new to BladeRF FPGA development.

i have been studying some DSP/FPGA of bladeRF for a while .

and there is some problems that need you help. thanks anyway.

1. i read the wiki about its HDL Code.

like this page :

it shows bladeRF-hosted.vhd architecture graph.

at the "where to place custom code" part, it says that we can put some DSP function block between the

iq_correction blocks and the sample/meta fifes blocks.

so i plan to read the bladerf-hosted.vhd file . want to figure out what exactly the function block doing in it .

but i am not good at using github and VHDL .

any suggestion? (by far now i just reading .vhd file on the github)

thanks for your help!!

Re: adding some DSP function in Tx/Rx path (Modem and Filter

Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:15 am
by ca2devri

You should first download Quartus Prime and learn a bit about how to use it. Then download the zip file of the entire build directory and put it somewhere on your PC and find the quartus project file and open in Quartus. I was able to navigate the project and find the place in bladerf_hosted.vhd where I could add custom code, then follow the build procedure to build an "rbf" file that you can load to your device.

Definitely the blind leading the blind, but after a couple weeks of poking around with it, I'm now able to build my own custom vhdl.