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Online reference source for QAM

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:37 pm
by RadioGuy
I was wondering if anybody knows of a helpful online reference on how to implement QAM in software. I'm not looking for a turnkey solution or anything bladeRF specific(although I intend to use it with a bladeRF). I tried understanding the source code to GNU Radio, but I'm not a python guy so it' s a bit hard for me to follow it. Some C or pseudo code would be nice.

Also, does anybody know of a online reference for I/Q sampling that explaining things at say the undergraduate university level. Perhaps a good textbook to buy. I personally find most of online material either too simplistic or way too advanced.

I have a decent understanding of complex numbers, Laplace and Fourier transforms, especially in the context of analog systems. But I'm having a bit of trouble bridging the gap so to speak...