Low-cost GPS signal simulator

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Low-cost GPS signal simulator

Post by teb » Sun Jun 14, 2015 10:23 pm

GPS-SDR-SIM is a software program that generates a simulated GPS signal file for playback into bladeRF or other open source SDR platforms, such as HackRF and USRP.

There are still many limitations but at least you can get position fix solutions with the GPS receiver under test.

The source code is available on GitHub:


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Re: Low-cost GPS signal simulator

Post by K4cle » Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:18 am

Hello Tak,
I would appreciate discussing your work on this if you don't mind? Please contact me off line at: dbaker@gpscreations.com
It has been several years since I last talked with you and have lost your email address! Hope you are doing well. Best regards, Doug

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Re: Low-cost GPS signal simulator

Post by peekli » Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:00 pm

Hi, I have tested it and have some prloblem :(
Have posted in https://nuand.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3860

Could you please help a little ?

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