Output from GRC what do I do?

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Output from GRC what do I do?

Post by fmotta »

I get the warnings below when I start bladeRF_cli -i as well as in GRC.
I updated the firmware and FPGA already. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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Using Volk machine: avx_64_mmx_orc
gr-osmosdr v0.1.4-7-g20fd6a8c (0.1.5git) gnuradio
built-in sink types: uhd hackrf bladerf 
[WARNING @ bladerf.c:181] Failed to get VCTCXO trim value: Invalid operation or parameter
[WARNING @ bladerf.c:187] Failed to get FPGA size Invalid operation or parameter
[bladeRF sink] Using nuand LLC bladeRF #0 SN e248...c22a FW v1.8.0 FPGA v0.1.2
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Re: Output from GRC what do I do?

Post by jynik »

Those warnings would indicate to me that the flash's calibration region is corrupteded or empty. (This region currently just stores the VCTCXO trim DAC value and the FPGA size.)

Were you seeing these warnings previously? If not, when exactly did you start seeing them, and could you detail the process that led to this?

If you look at the help text for the bladeRF-cli command, 'flash_init_cal' you will see how to restore these. However, you will need to know the factory VCTCXO trim DAC calibration value, which you may have previously backed up or have in logs. (It would be in any output from the bladeRF-cli "info" command.) For example, with an x40 and a VCTCXO trim dac value of 0x8000: 'flash_init_cal 40 0x8000'

If you don't have your VCTCXO trim dac value, you could try emailing [email protected] with your device's serial number (also viewable from the bladeRF-cli 'info' command) to see if it is on file.

By the way, could you just make note of the libbladeRF version you have? (bladeRF-cli's "version" command output would suffice.) I'm assuming you're on 1.0.0?

Best regards,
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