Bug in Matlab driver - TX

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Bug in Matlab driver - TX

Post by Michael »

Hi, all!

I found a bug in Matlab driver for bladeRF
Here: https://github.com/Nuand/Simulink-MATLA ... rf_dev.cpp , line 188 - CHECK_BUF_LENGTH (BUF_LENGTH );
BUF_LENGTH == TX_DATA (see lines 42 and 43)
So in TX mode line 188 asserts that the real value of the first IQ must be positive, otherwise you get a message:
Error using bladerf_dev
Buffer Length must be numeric and greater zero

So this example: https://github.com/Nuand/Simulink-MATLA ... lay_demo.m always crashes
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Re: Bug in Matlab driver - TX

Post by yoshimifuj »

I encountered this problem, too and changed the C source code as follows.
/* check input */
// The following line has moved into 'if' statement.

rx = 1;
if (mxGetString(DEVICE_MODE, (char *)&mode, 3)) {
rx = 1;
} else {
if (!strcmp(mode, "TX"))
rx = 0;
Would you confirm this change?
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Re: Bug in Matlab driver - TX

Post by robert.ghilduta »

Thanks for the report Michael and thanks for the patch Yoshimi!

The bug fix has been committed to Github. We'll update the windows binary installer with the fix soon.
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