BladeRFx40 get freezing after some days

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BladeRFx40 get freezing after some days

Post by pablo » Mon Mar 19, 2018 2:14 am

Hi all,

I am running an experiment of long duration in the university of Vigo with the bladeRFx40 recording I/Q in KA band and then I process the files recorded with matlab. The problem is sometimes the bladeRF get freezing and stop recording (I am using SDR-RADIO Console). It is random sometimes stop recording after 15 days and others times in 5 days. My computer has good caracteristic I don't think is problem of the CPU or memory.

My guess is the usb does not provide enough power to the bladeRF. Could I increase the power using a usb-Y [1] or a powered hub [2] without danger?

Any other idea would be welcome. I would like to record continuously whole months.

Best regards,


[1] ... =usb+doble
[2] ... ds=hub+usb

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Re: BladeRFx40 get freezing after some days

Post by bglod » Wed Mar 21, 2018 1:30 pm

Well that's not good! Do you receive specific error messages at all? Does it seem like the device is getting disconnected from the host, or does it actually hang? The USB controller could be an issue here. We have a list of known problematic controllers. There's a list of known good ones above it as well. Of course neither list is comprehensive.

If it is power-related, you're better off getting the recommended power adapter for the bladeRF. Those hubs and Y cables may not work too well and may even cause their own set of reliability / data issues.
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Re: BladeRFx40 get freezing after some days

Post by AMendy » Thu Aug 02, 2018 6:44 am

I have the same problem, I was in Windows 10 so I switch on Linux Ubuntu it's more stable but it still append:
I'am doing long term measurement (24 Hours) with BladeRF40 and Matlab. Sometime it works fine but sometime it look like CLI doesnt' respond to Matlab.
I try to increase the process priority. Is it possible to get back a "log" file with CLI?

My config:
Windows 10 and Matlab 2017b and same with Linux Ubuntu and Matlab r2018a
CPU 2GHz 8 thread | 8Gb Ram | USB 3

BladeRF configuration:
USB speed: SuperSpeed
Backend: libusb
Instance: 0

bladeRF-cli version: 1.5.1
libbladeRF version: 1.9.0
Firmware version: 1.8.0
FPGA version: 0.7.1

bandwidth = 20e6 ; Hz
samplerate = 20e6 ; Hz
n_time = 1024 ; Number of samples


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Re: BladeRFx40 get freezing after some days

Post by bglod » Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:43 pm

Some other knobs to play with are the buffer size, number of buffers, and the number of active transfers. These values may need to be increased or decreased.

The log output verbosity may be changed in MATLAB as well as in the CLI. For MATLAB, use the log_level() function. For the CLI, use the "-v <verbosity>" command-line option. I usually recommend starting with the 'debug' level, but this situation may require 'verbose'.
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