Transmitting DBPSK using Gnuradio Companion

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Transmitting DBPSK using Gnuradio Companion

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I am new to SDR and would like some help transmitting a DBPSK signal using the bladeRF x115. Currently, I am using gnuradio companion to implement the signal processing.

An image of my flowgraph: ... sp=sharing

In this flowgraph, I'm multiplying the DPSK Modulated signal with a cosine at 1GHz. When I look at the product with the scope it looks correct. I'm attempting to transmit the vector "01000100" and I can see that the 180 degree phase shifts (representing the 1's) are occurring in the correct places.

In this case, my signal is "passed" to the bladeRF to be transmitted. However, I know that because the max TX sample frequency of the bladeRF is only 40MHz and the carrier frequency of the signal is 1GHz, the signal that is actually transmitted won't look like the signal that I'm "passing" in.

My question is: Is it possible to transmit this signal?

I know that the bladeRF will generate a signal with the carrier frequency (1GHz). How do I modulate that signal as opposed to "passing" the phase modulated cosine to the bladeRF?

Any help, especially GRC flowgraph examples of how to do this would be immensely appreciated.
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