libbladeRF  1.7.2
Nuand bladeRF library
libbladeRF Documentation


This library supports the Nuand bladeRF USB 3.0 Software Defined Radio (SDR). It is intended to support developers looking to:

The libbladeRF source code is hosted on our GitHub project page, and the latest release of this documentation may be found here.

A few avenues for support are available, including the Nuand forums, the #bladeRF IRC channel on Freenode, or email. The forums are generally preferred over email because they allow a publicly accessible knowledge base of common questions and answers to be developed.

Bugs, both in libbladeRF and this documentation, may be reported on the GitHub issue tracker

The libbladeRF API

libbladeRF provides the ability to:

The API Sections page presents a complete list of of the libbladeRF API sections, including the aforementioned items.

The following pages provide examples and more detailed usage information: