libbladeRF  1.7.2
Nuand bladeRF library
API Sections
libbladeRF is divided into the following sections. Click one of these section names to view information about the macros, enumerations, data structures, and functions within the section.
 Initialization and deinitialization
 Device properties and information
 RX & TX module control
 Gain control
 Sampling control
 Bandwidth configuration
 Frequency tuning
 Internal loopback
 SMB clock port control
 Triggers and synchronization
 Corrections and calibration
 Expansion boards
 Expansion IO control
 Sample formats and metadata
 Asynchronous data transmission and reception
 Synchronous data transmission and reception
 Device loading and programming
 Bootloader recovery
 Flash image format
 Low-level development and testing routines
 Low-level flash routines
 Error codes