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Welcome to the bladeRF forum

Post by Nuand »

Welcome to the bladeRF forum!

This forum will serve as the official technical and general discussion place for anything related to the bladeRF. We will continue posting updates to Kickstater in conjunction with announcements that are posted here.

As the Kickstarter update states, we hope that you signed up with the same email address you used when pledging. If this is not the case let us know what your username is via Kickstarter. We will give your user account the appropriate forum privileges once enough people have signed up.

Also, if you happen be using IRC and haven't so already come say hi in #bladeRF on FreeNode because it is likely that forum will not be as vibrant of a place as the IRC channel until units start shipping.
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Re: Welcome to the bladeRF forum

Post by jynik »

If you have questions or are having issues, the bladeRF wiki on GitHub is a great place to start. The Troubleshooting page lists some common issues.

Be sure to check the Getting Help section for some advice on getting quick answers to your questions.


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