libbladeRF  2.2.1
Nuand bladeRF library
API Sections
libbladeRF is divided into the following sections. Click one of these section names to view information about the macros, enumerations, data structures, and functions within the section.
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 Device properties
 Channel control
 Sample rate
 Internal loopback
 Receive Mux
 Scheduled Tuning
 Metadata structure and flags
 Synchronous API
 Asynchronous API
 Firmware and FPGA
 Flash image format
 Flash image format constants
 Low-level Functions
 VCTCXO Tamer Mode
 Tuning Mode
 Trigger Control
 Configuration GPIO
 SPI Flash
 RF Ports
 Expansion board support
 Library version
 Error codes
 bladeRF1-specific API
 Constants (deprecated)
 Flash image format constants
 Gain stages (deprecated)
 Sampling Mux
 LPF Bypass
 SMB clock port control
 Expansion I/O
 Expansion board support
 DC Calibration
 Low-level accessors
 bladeRF2-specific API
 Bias Tee Control
 Low-level accessors
 RF Integrated Circuit
 Phase Detector/Freq. Synth Control
 Power Multiplexer
 Clock Buffer
 Clock input selection
 Clock output control
 Power Monitoring
 RF Switching Control